Monday, November 15, 2004


Most of you have been receiving my "BushWatch" emails for several months. A few of you are new to this list. Welcome! The BushWatch2004 blog has been renamed in honor of it's broader mission. Kudos to my cousin Nadia for winning the "Name Mike's Blog" contest. So, I introduce to you: The Bluest Fist. Which you can always find at:

I will be committed to explaining what the democratic/liberal causes are and why they make sense. And I will be trying to get you clear, factual information about domestic and international policy and events -- which is so hard to get in these days of corporate media noise. As one of The Daily Show's reporters recently joked, the networks have stopped reporting the facts about Iraq and many other issues because "apparently the facts have become biased." No such worries here at The Bluest Fist.

Anyone can join my email list. Just email me at and ask to be included. Likewise, anyone can ask to be removed from it at any time. My emails will always be posted to the website. And you all can easily post comments to the website. All you have to do is click on "comments" at the bottom of any one of my posts and walk through the easy steps. You have to sign up for a "Blogger" account but it's easy and free. I'm hoping that will be a way to create some dialgue without clogging up all our email inboxes.

In the coming weeks I hope to discuss a number of things, including: the politics of Christianity; the impending demise of Republican Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania; the likelihood of a military draft; an update on Iraq; and Democracy and the history of the progressive tax (or, "Why Paris Hilton's taxes are lower than the woman's who does her nails).

For now, I will end with a Pop Quiz:

What state has the lowest divorce rate in U.S.?

Give up?

Okay, it's Massachusetts. Yup, the land of atheists, communists and homosexuals. Apparently, liberals' marriages are so damn good they don't need defending.


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