Wednesday, April 20, 2005


You need to be listening to Air America Radio, "the station" as the motto goes, "that Rush Limbaugh would listen to if he hadn't lost his hearing to drug abuse." No excuses, find it on your radio dial ad spread the word:


Asheville, NC - WPEK 880 AM
Atlanta, GA - WWAA 1690 AM
Boston, MA - WKOX 1200 AM and WXKS 1430 AM
Brattleboro, VT - WKVT 1490 AM
Chapel Hill, NC - WCHL 1360 AM
Charleston, SC - WLTQ 730 AM
Key West, FL - WKIZ 1500 AM
Miami, FL - WINZ 940 AM
New Haven, CT - WAVZ 1300 AM
New York City - WLIB 1190 AM
Northampton, MA - WHMP 1400 AM
Philadelphia, PA - WHAT 1340 AM
Plattsburgh, NY/Burlington, VT - WTWK 1070 AM
Portland, ME - WLVP 870 AM
Providence, RI - WHJJ 920 AM
Rochester, NY - WROC 950 AM
Washington D.C. - WWRC 1260 AM
West Palm Beach, FL - WJNO 1290 AM


Albany/Corvallis, OR - KTHH 990 AM
Eugene, OR - KOPT 1450 AM
Los Angeles, CA - KTLK 1150 AM
Phoenix, AZ - KXXT 1010 AM
Portland, OR - KPOJ 620 AM
Reno, NV - KJFK 1230 AM
Riverside, CA - KCAA 1050 AM
Sacramento, CA - KSAC 1240 AM
Santa Barbara, CA - KIST 1340 AM
San Diego, CA - 1360 AM KLSD
San Luis Obispo, CA - 1340 AM KYNS
San Francisco, CA - 960 AM KQKE
Seattle, WA - 1090 AM KPTK
South Lake Tahoe, NV - KTHO 590 AM
Spokane, WA - KPTQ 1280 AM


Austin, TX - KOKE 1600 AM
Albuquerque, NM - KABQ 1350 AM
Ann Arbor, MI - WLBY 1290 AM
Cincinnati, OH - WCKY 1530 AM
Columbus, OH - WTPG 1230 AM
Youngstown, OH - WANR 'The Pulse' 1570 AM
Corpus Christi, TX - KCCT 1150 AM
Dallas, TX - KXEB 910 AM
Denver, CO - KKZN 760 AM
Detroit, MI - WDTW 1310 AM
Madison, WI - WXXM 92.1 FM
Minneapolis, MN - KTNF 950 AM
Petoskey, MI - WWKK 750 AM
Santa Fe, NM - KTRC 1260 AM
Davenport, IA - WKBF 1270 AM
Memphis, TN - WWTQ 680 AM


Anchorage, AK - KUDO 1080 AM
Honolulu, HI - KUMU 1500 AM
Maui, HI - KAOI 1110 AM
Kauai, HI - KQNG 570 AM

Sunday, April 17, 2005


A must read in this week's NY Times Magazine:

on the Judicial "Constitutional in Exile" movement and how it is licking its chops in expectation that Bush will name one of their own to the Supreme Court.

My own take on the idea of a "Constitution in Exile" (the notion the "real" U.S. Constitution was legislated out of existence around 1937) is that it is a complete crock of shit. Our Constitution, as people sometimes need to be reminded, is made of WORDS. It only means something when someone READS it. And it has NEVER meant anything in a stable way: each of its framers had a someone different take on its meaning, significance and historical trajectory; each citizen who takes the time to read it will draw different conclusions from it. Consequently, its meaning only materializes when we begin to interpret it and try to reach some consensus about it as a group. Often, our judges perform this process for us. When we as a people can't stomach their deliberations, we elect new officials who will appoint better judges or, if frustrated in that regard, take to the streets in an attempt to change public (and judges') opinions and beliefs. (I refer you to the Civil Rights movement.) When that doesn't work you have Civil War.

The Constitution lives, whether the right-wing likes it or not, because, being made up of words, it can't do anything else. In fact -- irony of ironies -- the whole notion of a "Constitution in Exile" depends on the right-wing's ability (to quote Emerson, who was thinking of pro-slavery advocates) "to read the Constitution with a very shrewd and daring and innovative eye" even as they're telling you that the "real" Constitution "just means what it says." In the beginning are the people, reading the words.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Here are the ratings for presidents as recorded by Gallup in the March following their re-election. Thanks to Daily Kos ( for the tip.

Truman, 1949: 57%.

Eisenhower, 1957: 65%.

Johnson, 1965: 69%.

Nixon, 1973: 57%.

Reagan, 1985: 56%.

Clinton, 1997: 59% .

Bush, 2005: 45%

Yep, no one is even CLOSE to Dubya in unpopularity. His ability to finagle two terms as president will really be one of the strangest stories in U.S. History some day.