Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Well, I’ve been completely off the radar these last few weeks. First came the holidays. And then, I’m very sad to report, my mother-in-law Barbara Rissberger had a very serious heart attack. She’s recovering slowly and in fits and starts. I know all your prayers are with us.

I’m going to make a few brief comments and observations here now and will do more as time allows. I want to at least keep some dialogue going so as always feel free to chime in at the website


Well, this is something I wish I had time to argue in detail myself, but as usual People for the American Way has done an excellent. Here’s a great explanation for why Alberto Gonzales is a DISASTROUS choice to replace John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Please do take the time to read it. This is surely one of the 2 or 3 most important and consequential events of the Bush presidency:


Best, and most surprising, quote of the week had to be Mel Gibson speaking about Michael Moore:

"I feel a strange kinship with Michael. They're trying to pit us against each other in the press, but it's a hologram. They really have got nothing to do with one another. It's just some kind of device, some left-right. He makes some salient points. There was some very expert, elliptical editing going on. However, what the hell are we doing in Iraq? No one can explain to me in a reasonable manner that I can accept why we're there, why we went there, and why we're still there."

Wow, when Mel Gibson abandons your war you KNOW you’ve bungled it pretty bad. I agree, Mel, what the hell ARE we doing in Iraq?


As always you should be catching up on your Talking Points Memo:


In the category of “too strange to be made up”:

“The Department of Education used $240,000 in tax dollars to hire right-wing pundit Armstrong Williams to promote controversial Bush education policy.” This is the same Armstrong Williams who settled a sexual harassment suit with a male employee who rejected his unwanted fondlings in 1997 (and the same Armstrong Williams who, in true closeted Republican fashion, is virulently homophobic in his public pronouncements). As usual, Team Bush is more than happy to “love the sinner” (in this case to the tune of a quarter million bucks) as long as that sinner is “hating the sin” and doing White House bidding on CNN.


Okay, that’s all for now.


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