Tuesday, February 15, 2005


In one of the more bizarre “stranger than fiction” stories to emerge out of a truly bizarre White House, it has been revealed that Jeff Gannon, a White House correspondent for the ultra-conservative propaganda outlet “Talon News” (really more a simple website than a news organization) was formerly a gay hooker named James Guckert. Furthermore, he may have been given extraordinary access to Whitehouse news information based on his relationship with one or more high-level White House and Republican staffers who are gay.

I realize that some of you may find the above paragraph impossible, preposterous and nothing more than liberal conspiracy. Not so. It is all meticulously backed up by the facts. For the story on Jeff Gannon/Guckert go here:


(Be aware that there are some potentially offensive images of Gannon/Guckert in this story from his escort websites – though nothing that couldn’t be on the nightly news, as they have been edited).

John Aravosis frames what’s at stake correctly:

This is the Conservative Republican Bush White House we're talking about. It's looking increasingly like they made a decision to allow a gay hooker to ask the President of the United States questions. They made a decision to give a man with an alias and no journalistic experience access to the West Wing of the White House on a daily basis. They reportedly made a decision to give him - one of only six - access to documents, or information in those documents, that exposed a clandestine CIA operative [Valerie Plame – this, by the way, is a federal offense]. What kind of leadership would let prostitutes roam the halls of the West Wing? What kind of war-time leadership can't find the same information that took bloggers only days to find?

As gay activist Mike Rogers of BlogActive has put it, “Friends, there is nothing wrong with being gay -- it's when the gay people are in positions of power and hiding in the closet that we have a problem. When those very same people use that power (‘Hello, Jim McGreevey, please’) to do favors for sexual partners we have a really big problem.”

And this White House is full of em. Closeted homosexuals who have been “outed” in the last year include: Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican National Committee; Jay Banning, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration of the Republican National Committee; Dan Gurley, RNC National Field Director; David Dreier, Chairman of the immensely powerful Rules Committee in the House of Representatives; Linus Catignani, head fundraising consultant for Senate majority leader Bill Frist; Jay Timmons, Executive Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

So, there’s two issues you need to consider here: 1) the almost sublime hypocrisy of a political party that would create a rabidly anti-homosexual agenda (I refer you to the 2004 Republican National Committee platform) while employing so many gay people in their senior leadership; and 2) these gay people themselves, who are, as Rogers points out, HIGHLY susceptible to blackmail; personally repressed and/or conflicted human beings; and personally helping to enact legislation that would limit their own civil rights. These people are making major decisions every day that affect you as a citizen and as a voter. George W. Bush signed off on all of them just as, at the same time, he was signing off on Karl Rove’s gay-baiting use of the Gay Marriage issue to draw votes away from John Kerry in the swing states.

Like I said, it’s a mad, mad, mad world in Dubya’s Washington!


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